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Is it really Important?

To some people, being at work is something they have to do in order to live their life, pay their bills and buy some of the things they desire. Unfortunately for a whole lot of people, that’s all it is. They didn’t set out in life to do what they do, they have to give themselves a good talking to on a Monday morning to go the right direction, and to be perfectly honest, if they had a better offer they’d be off!

Having worked my (and a lot of other peoples) fair share of these jobs, I know that when you are in this position, it’s very hard to be motivated. I mean really motivated. When you’re not motivated, you’re not working to your maximum capacity. Why? Because subconsciously, (or maybe consciously!) you don’t care enough to be functioning at that level! You’re not being paid enough to go that extra mile and the small details of your job are not as interesting as the place your mind wonders to…a Caribbean cruise/the possibility of a night out with a long lost friend/will my new sandwich creation be as delicious as my new next door neighbor?

Now I realize, there are lots of people that aren’t in that place. I’ve had jobs that I thought were ok, some I actually quite liked and one that I got addicted to which took over my life, turned me into a crazy person and nearly lost me my partner and friends (no addiction is healthy, I wont go into that one).

After that comes the golden situation which everyone dreams of having – loving what you do and getting paid to do it. I’m lucky to have also had a taste of that experience and its amazing how enriched your life can be when you are truly fulfilled

The question is, if you can’t have your dream job or don’t know what that is yet, can you be happy in the one you have? If you were happy, would you work better? Would you be more motivated? If the answer was yes then how can you be happier in the job you have?

In my vast experience of a wide (very wide) variety of jobs, various factors can influence your work experience. Money, the people you work with, the environment you work in, and how valued you are in that job can all play a part. I have found that the jobs that I got the most satisfaction from were the ones that had the most of me in them.  My personal strengths were being used and valued; I had the chance to work to my full potential.

If you are in a job you love, congratulation! Is there anything that could make your experience better?

As an employer, it’s important to look at these aspects to gain a better insight in to how your company is working. How productive is it? Is everyone just trotting along happily, are some members dragging their hooves or are they chomping at the bit, looking for more and more? Why do you think this is? Maybe everyone on your team is in full flying order but they are stressed out and under a lot of pressure? Are races only fun when you’re winning?

Posted on March 31, 2015

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Posted on September 22, 2014