Murder Mystery Ireland

If you have just done a search for murder mystery Ireland - look no further! We operate in every county in southern Ireland whilst being based in munster.  

Hen Party Ideas/Stag Party Ideas

A Murder Mystery day/night has become incredibly popular for many occasions. If you are looking for Hen Party ideas or Stag Party ideas a murder mystery is the perfect solution.

Corporate Entertainment/Corporate Team Building

Its an alternative option for Corporate Team Building, our Murder Mystery experiences are interactive, fun and action packed. A murder mystery can add a certain spice and a different flavor for Corporate Entertainment or indeed any social event. 

Be as involved as you like and let the mystery unfold. Choose your favourite theme and loose yourself in a world of danger and mayhem! Could you be dining with the culprit? Our experienced team of professional actors will take you on a journey full of deception, lies and whodunnits!

Pretend With Us' Murder Mystery is an exciting addition to any event!


Choose from the following themes:

sopranos.jpg bad-ass.png soap-drama.png medical.png spies.png murder-on-train.png