Fun Loving Criminals

The Groom/Bride/CEO seems to have got himself into a bit of a pickle with a seriously nasty crew! In order to save them from a deadly fate, follow the bandits’ instruction for a fun filled ride! 

How it works

  • We will send your Groom/Bride/Ceo a script and insturctions to make a short home movie to send to us and help start the madness. 
  • The actors will meet your party in an agreed venue in character, introduce themselves and the fun will begin! The 'hostages' movie will also be played. 
  • In order to free the 'hostage', the party must split into teams and follow the requests of the gang who have held them. 
  • Your party will be given a list of activities to follow and complete around the town, which are both fun and entertaining.  
  • The teams then meet back at an agreed venue for the final part of the mission where they will meet again with the detective to discover if their efforts were enough to save the situation! 
  • A prize will be given to the winning team.

Playing space required

  • The challenge is carried out around the town of your destination. Characters will be in 2/3 locations. Unless you have a specific request we will organize this for you. 

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