International Spies

As you all gather for a seemingly innocent night out, it appears that one of the guests has a sinister ulterior motive! It's up to you to get the bottom of the murder and mayhem, the killer might well be closer than you think!

How it works

Murder mysteries can take many formats, it's up to you to choose the theme that appeals the most. They are all fun, entertaining and fully engaging. Whatever type you choose, they will all follow the same structure outlined below:

  • The actors will meet your party in character. They will introduce themselves and a fatal incident will occur! 
  • You and your party will divide into teams and recieve clues and instuction on how to solve the murder.  
  • The characters will be interacting with you throughout the murder mystery.
  • Your party will be given characters to play and will be in on the action. 
  • After a lot of fun and extrememly silly goings on, the occation will come to a close when the murderer is revealed. 
  • A prize will be given to the winning team.

Playing space required

  • For murder mystery over dinner, a venue is required. A function room in a hotel is the best option as they can give you the privacy needed to ensure no atmosphere or experience is lost. If you have problems finding the right venue we can help you. 
  • For the pub-crawl mystery, the action is played around the town of your destination. The characters will be in 3 different venues. Unless you have a specific request, this will be organized for you.

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