Murder Mysteries –
How it Works

Whatever theme you choose, they will all follow the same structure outlined below:

  •   Characters at the beginning of the night/day will meet your party, all will be explained. 
  •   Clues or missions to be completed will be given. 
  •   The actors will be interacting with you throughout the murder mystery.
  •   Your party can be given characters to play so that they can be part of the action. 
  •   A prize will be given to the winning team that solves the mystery.

Playing Space Required

For murder mystery over dinner, a venue is required. A function room in a hotel is the best option as they can give you the privacy needed to ensure a flawless experience. If you have problems finding the right venue we can help you with this.
Murder Mystery for
Corporate Events / Team building

A murder mystery evening/day is both engaging and fun, providing a platform for those who enjoy a bit of tomfoolery! Let down your hair and enjoy the mayhem as Pretend With Us join you for dinner providing some surprises of a deadly nature! Perfect for breaking the ice with those not so well known to each other and always leaves everyone talking and laughing together. Working as a team is part of the fun!

On the Move

If you are looking for an entertaining activity to keep your company on its toes, we offer an ‘out and about’ themed game. Our ‘Fun loving crime stoppers’ activity quest will see your company hunting for evidence, finding clues and carrying out requests from around the city, whichever that may be. Full of humour and fun, and teamwork is unavoidable!


Finding something fun and different is important if you’re organising hen party entertainment. Pretend With Us offers a range of  action packed hen party activities that always go down a storm. Our Murder Mystery shows are always a scream whether your group are newly acquainted or old friends.