Creative hunger in lockdown

It certainly has been a crazy 12 months that’s for sure. This time last year, I had no real appreciation for
freedom of travel & socialising and had never heard of zoom! Apart from the obvious ups and down
Covid has caused, I really have missed being creative. I honestly crave dressing up like a gangster,
jumping into a different character and submerging myself into a corporate event for a few hours. I miss
the shock of the guests when we first join their party and they find out they’re in the midst of a Murder
mystery, watching my colleagues interact with great entertainment, the delicious dinners, the craic and
most of all, the escapism.

I miss delivering a team building session with Choke Comedy. I love watching as the group slowly start
dropping their boundaries, and before you know it, members of the business are throwing caution to
the wind and jumping into improvised comedy with both feet. I love the messages the next day from the
manager, telling me how surprised they were to find the quietest person in the company in the centre of
it all and loving it.

Since lockdown began, I’ve had a few rare episodes of creation that quenched the imaginative thirst. I
started to write a play for my kids, for entertainment purposes, which my daughter completely ran with,
and it turned into a piece of video, written and starring her and her brother, ‘Heroes Of Friendship.’
( that was pretty entertaining and took a whole lot of patience and time,
which certainly kept us occupied, but reminded me why working with kids is certainly not easy!
What other outlets for imaginary events could I find? Meeting my original crew, ‘Choke comedy’ online
for a few zoom play abouts was amazing. Improvised comedy really is a good release for encouraging
your mind to let go and your instincts take over. I really can’t wait to be playing in person again, whether
it be a corporate event, team building, or just a local gig.
I miss working with hen parties. I love the start when they think my character is real until the reveal is
exposed and they erupt into laughter. I love their change in behaviour when I change character.
Apart from work coming in from, which has kept me sane, I always feel a lack of
opportunity to create.

Mother’s Day leant itself to me as a last-minute panic as I realised my mother lived in the UK, I hadn’t
sent a card and it was Thursday. What could I do? Re-write a song and make a music video of course! As
I was working on a job at the time, I didn’t have time to write it until Friday night, filming took place
Saturday afternoon and editing until midnight that night. For that reason, the editing and sound are
atrocious, but the journey and happiness brought to my mum was priceless!
As the virus follows its course, who knows when we’ll be back to normal again, in the meantime, I’m still
creatively frustrated!