Guilt free?

Wow, a year since lockdown began. I can’t believe it’s been that long, and yet in other ways, time seems
to have gone on forever. The world has found new ways to live. Some have re-discovered relationships;
others have discovered they shouldn’t be in one! Some have struggled with isolation; others have really
enjoyed working from home or found a new appreciation for the small things in their lives.
I myself have found life pretty bananas. Kids have been home more, which came with home schooling
and a messier house. It’s been a tough time for a lot of people to feel motivated, and there’s a guilt that
comes with a period of time with nothing to show for it. Should I have become a master baker of bread
or learnt Chinese? I didn’t. Fulfilment comes in different shapes and forms; mine comes from laughing
all night at a corporate event or murder mystery and getting lost in some improvised comedy. I did
manage to meet and have some much-needed craic with Choke Comedy online, although there was no
team building going on. I dream about dancing at festivals, but none of these things have been on the
agenda in the last year.
I’ve had some bursts of satisfaction, like when I ambushed all the legends in my local Aldi, with a tribute
bespoke poem I got a lot of crazy looks, but I heard that a lot of workers
in supermarkets around the country heard my appreciation, so it was worth it.
The most of my spare time, however, has mostly been spent despairing about my dwellings being upside
down, and wishing I had done ‘this or that’. I don’t recommend it!
Until normality resumes, I hope you don’t feel pressured into becoming the most creative, successful or
productive individual. It’s ok to just do nothing!