Pretend with us is a performance company dedicated to murder mysteries and improvised comedy.

Murder Mystery Themes

Pretend With Us join you for dinner, as we look into this deadly murder!
Always a scream, whether you’re into the limelight or not, you can be as involved as you chose.


The Godfather Tony Soprano Snr. is dead! Was it a whack job or natural causes? All the mafia families have gathered for the funeral, but more importantly, to find out who is the next godfather! His secret mistresses have no love lost between them, his widow is screaming for revenge. The other families just wait to see who’s going to bump off who! It’s time to sort this mess out!

Deep South Devilment

When two feuding crime families from two deep south American ranches are together in the same room, a wedding is the only thing that can keep these crazy lot from killing each other… Join the madness as we come to witness a beautiful union…unless something untoward happens! Jealousy, suspicion and deluded relatives are all around, can you solve the mysteries that are unfolding? Does love prevail or does greed conquer all? Join us to find out!

Fun Lovin Criminals

The Groom/Bride/CEO will be given a simple scenario to film and send on to us, which will be used for the event. This hilarious quest will have you broken into teams as you race each other around the city, completing the requests of ‘the gang’. The characters from the story will be interacting with you as you go. The winning team will win a bottle of bubbles.

Improvised Comedy

Team Building and Corporate Events

Team Building

Using improvised comedy techniques, we engage the group in interactive exercises and create a safe and fun environment in which to explore their creative side. The workshop can be tailor made to fit the requirements and needs of the company.

We are interactive, original and engaging. Our Corporate Team Building workshops spark and encourage creativity, thinking outside the box and assertiveness. Members will gain confidence, find their strengths and weaknesses and will begin to break down barriers between colleagues and gain trust. When a group dynamic is finely tuned, productivity and team performance is enhanced.

Team Building

Choke comedy can tailor your event to any time slot and can also tailor the theme if requested. For something very light-hearted, to get everyone in a merry mood before, or after your dinner, Improvised comedy is a very unique and fun option for your company.

What is Improvised Comedy?

Improvised comedy is unrehearsed, completely created on the spur of the moment with the audience providing suggestions that are an integral part of the show. It is high energy, exciting, and a huge amount of fun!

If you’re still not sure what improvised comedy is, maybe you’ve seen ‘Whose Line is it anyway?’ Like the TV program, we ask the audience to get the ball rolling with suggestions of characters or locations, and the rest is up to the team to transform the often weird and wonderful minds of the audience into entertainment.

Who are Coke Comedy?

In 2008, a dedicated group of entertainers came together to create the dynamic Choke Comedy. Since then, the action packed, high intensity group have played all over the country to audiences, massive to tiny.

Some of these include monthly residency in the Belltable Limerick; The loft, Limerick; touring exclusively to appear in every 32 counties of Ireland in 2011, the Electric Picnic, Body & Soul festival, Independence festival, the special Olympics, Limerick Live festival and a whole lot more we could keep going all day!

Prepare For an amazing experience!

We offer a first class experience and are lucky to have a range of professional actors at our service. Every event we do is guaranteed to provide the highest level dedication, entertainment and laughter!